Medical Domains

1. Proper Diagnosis

2. Appropriate Therapy

3. Effective Rehabilitation

Nursing logo

Nursing Health Care Domain

1. Importance of Nursing Diagnosis

2. Application of Nursing Care Plan

3. Nursing Interventions & Therapeutics

Spiritual logo

Spirituality and Beliefs Domain

1. Understanding Spiritual Beliefs of Clients

2. Effects of Myths and Facts on Health Status

3. Healing Services and Recovery

Psychological Domains

1. Clients psychological evaluation.

2. Application of standard assessment tools.

3. Logical Psychological interventions.

Narcotics and addiction

Narcotics and Addiction Domain

1. Assessment and Evaluation of Addict Clint

2. Detoxification and Management

3. Rehabilitation and Resettlement.

Slow Learner and Under Achiever

Slow Learner and Under Achievers in Academic Domain

1. Characteristics of slow Learners in school

2. Psychological evaluation and assessment of Under Achievers.

3. Interventions required to improve academic skills.

Environmental Protection Domains

1. Human friendly atmosphere.

2. Safe and healthy drinking water.

3. Environment friendly sanitation & disposal of waste


Children with Special Needs Domain

1. Proper Neuropsychological Assessment.

2. Formulation of IEP for Special Education

3. Application of Abilities Appropriate Interventions

Gifted and Talented Students Domain

1. Understanding higher IQ and genius students.

2. Psychoanalysis and evaluation of Gifted.

3. How to manage talented in classrooms